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We would be thrilled to create your perfect "Dream" Cake.... both in design and taste!

Simply Moist and Delicious

  Chocolate Fudge       Butter Yellow   
 French Vanilla          Swirly Marble
  German Chocolate     Sweet Lemon      
   Devils Food                  Funfetti        

Rich & Delightful

Sour Cream Almond Poppy Seed           Chocolate Orange
          Sour Cream Chocolate Rum*                Double Strawberry         
       Chocolate Chocolate Chip                    Old Fashion Carrot     
       Lemon Sour Cream Rum*                    Raspberry Sour Cream
Citrus Poppy Seed Delight                    Banana Nut
     Sour Cream Berry-Lemon                         Champagne White

*Rum is optional 

Josephine's  Italian Cassata Rum Cake 
Rich, Elegant tasting...  Everyone's Favorite...  
       The Top of the Line - Our Recommendation!     

Fabulous Filling of...  Ricotta Cheese, Raspberry, Chocolate and Orange
  Cake Choices...   
Sour Cream Almond Poppy Seed
  Yellow Sour Cream Rum*
  Sour Cream Chocolate Rum*
                               Chocolate Fudge                               
 *Rum is optional


Wonderful, Insanely Rich Decadents

Citrus Almond Poppy Seed Delight...  A citrus enhanced poppy seed cake with creamy lemon mousse filling. 
Gaateau Grand Marnier...  Sour Cream Chocolate Fudge Cake brushed with Grand Marnier
and filled with apricot and chocolate ganache.  
Chocolate Orange Decadence...  Yellow Sour Cream Rum Cake brushed with Grand Marnier
and filled with orange marmalade and chocolate ganache.

Flavorful Fillings to Compliment
  ChocolateTruffle               Chocolate Mousse  
            Chocolate Fudge               Sour Cream Chocolate         
           Chocolate Ganache          Chocolate Cream Cheese         
  Orange Cream Cheese     Pineapple Cream Cheese
   Lemon Cream Cheese      Smooth & Tart Lemon 
     White Chocolate Truffle      Strawberry Fluff      
     Raspberry Fluff                  Bavarian Cream      
   Coconut Pecan Nut            White Choc Cream Cheese

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cream

 Wedding Cake Size Chart  
    We can also create size choices to better fit your needs.

       SIZE                                                 SERVES 
                     8" - 6"                                                     25                     
                      10" - 6"                                                     39                        
                            12” – 6”                                                     56                               
                  12" - 8" - 6"                                              81                     
                   12" - 10" - 6"                                            95                     

14" - 10" - 6"                                          116

16" - 12" - 6"                                          156

                       14" - 12" - 10" - 6"                                172                      
                     16" - 14" - 10" - 6"                                216                    

 16" - 14" - 12" - 6"                                233
                                                               16" - 14" - 12" - 10" - 6"                      272                                                             
 Top anniversary layer  is not included in the amount served.


Extra Charges Apply

  Poured Chocolate Chocolate Ganache Glaze
Square Cakes

Sheet Cakes

 There is a refundable deposit charged for all cake plates,separators, pillars etc. 

Some specialty stands require a larger deposit due to their replacement value.           

        These items must be returned within two weeks of the event in order to receive your deposit back. 

Payment Schedule

    A 25% deposit is required when placing your order. 
    The balance is due two weeks prior to the event.

Delivery Charges 
     There is a Cake Delivery Charge which covers delivery, set up and decorating of your cake.

Please inquire on delivery charges.


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